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2011-09-13 07:25:48 by beserkerguy9

Hey NG!
I have a ton of videos, but N.G. won't except them because their "not animations" Stupid Tom...
Anyway I not saying I filmed myself or anything... I make still-frames with LEGOs and stuff. I say we should be able to do this!!! Also, photography should be accepted!!! Please comment, I'd like to hear you're opinion too!

LOL chinese dude!!!

2011-06-07 02:33:21 by beserkerguy9

Okay this is really funny, I live in The Peoples Republic of China, (you need to know that for this to be funny) And a guy comes up to me and says, "Ni hao! Ni hui lao wo ying yu me?" (Hello! Can you teach me some English?)
I said "Shi" (yes)
So I told him Ni hao (hello) actually meant a cuss-word instead of "hello"
Then he went off saying the B-word to every foreigner that went by... It's realy fun if you're in a different country with a different language (Try it!)

I put a review on a movie then I changed my mind so... how do I delete what I said, or is it impossible?